Nancy Smith and Heather Hicks

We have 2 very lovely therapists who are making changes in their lives.  Nancy Smith, RCRT has been with HFBH since its inception in 2000.  She is our very lovely, talented and caring Reflexologist who has decided the time HFBHc150 17has come for her to retire.  If you know Nancy, you know she loves her birding and she is very excited to be able to spend more time in nature and searching out those birds.  She is also very happy to be able to spend more time with her family, especially her favourite granddaughter Kenley!

Thank you Nancy for being such a big part of HFBH and making each of my work days here with you such a pleasure.  I have been truly lucky to have you here, and I’m going to miss you!
Heather Hicks joined HFBH in August 2018 and is now moving to London, ON, where she and her partner will pursue their careers.  Heather’s bright and positive outlook on life and clinicalHeather Hicks awareness will help her go far!  We have the utmost respect for her and know without a doubt she will be very successful in all she does.

We are losing 2 special ladies who will be missed dearly.  We wish you the best of luck, love and happiness in your new endeavours